PSYS 100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Tabula Rasa, Freudian Slip, Neurology

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Psychology 100
Chapter 1
August 25
I. Theoretical Perspectives in Psychology
A. Human Behavior is most usefully understood in terms of:
A.1.Biological Perspective
A.1.a) Behavior is most strongly influenced by:
(A.1.a.1) anatomy
(A.1.a.2) physiology
(A.1.a.3) hereditary
A.1.b) Darwin (1859)
(A.1.b.1) Published The Origin of Species
A.1.c) Sociobiology
(A.1.c.1) Women fear abandonment
A.2.Psychoanalytic Perspective
A.2.a) Originated with Sigmund Freud’s work as a neurologist and psychiatrist
(A.2.a.1) Behavioral determinism (Freudian Slips)
(A.2.a.2) Importance of the UNCONSCIOUS
(A.2.a.3) Strong impulses for sexual pleasure and aggression
A.3.Behavioral Perspective
A.3.a) Strongly influenced by conditioning and reinforcing
A.3.b) Behavior is primarily the product of environmental influences
A.1.a) John Locke
(A.1.a.1) at birth the mind is a tabula rasa (“blank state”)
A.1.b) John B. Watson
(A.1.b.1) The proper focus of a science is on phenomena that are open to di-
rect, reliable observation
A.3.c) Violence can be caused by this because of a Violent Home
A.4.Cognitive Perspective
A.4.a) Strongly influenced by active processes of perception and thinking
A.4.b) Parents should be gardeners, not carpenters
A.4.c) For tens of thousands of years children have learned by watching, listen-
ing, and imitating
A.4.d) Children interacting with their environments are like scientists working on
A.4.e) The whole is grey in some of the parts
A.5.Humanistic Perspective
B. Theoretical perspective can limit as well as enhance our understanding of behavior
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