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Lecture 16

SOC 100 Lecture 16: SOC 100 - Week of 4:24

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SOC 100

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Monday, April 24, 2017 SOC 100 Sexuality - heterosexual: sexual attraction between people of the opposite sex - lesbian: sexual attraction between females - gay: sexual attraction between males - bisexual: sexual attraction toward both males and females - asexual: lack of interest in sex (not same thing as lack of interest in romantic partnerships) - sexual orientation: enduring pattern of attraction - Rates of Sexual Experiences: - very difficult to quantify - 98% of women and 97% of men have had vaginal intercourse at least once in their life - 12% of women and 6% of men have had some kind of same sex sexual contact in their life - rates of bisexuality are estimated at between 3-5% and rates of asexuality at 1% - Reproduction - reproduction relies on opposite sex sexual encounters - compulsory heterosexuality: societal expectation that heterosexual attraction is normal and best The Orgasm Gap - orgasm gap: women orgasm significantly less than men (especially college aged women) - 1st time hook up = women orgasm 30% of the time - 2nd time hook up = women orgasm 50% of the time - committed relationship = women orgasm 80% of the time - Why the gap? - less oral sex performed on women - men report not caring in hook-up situations 1 Monday, April 24, 2017 - women don’t feel comfortable asking for what they need - but multi-orgasmic women know the benefit of understanding their own bodies and communicating with their partner Sexual Assault - sexual assault: sexual intercourse or activity without the consent of both parties - acquaintance assault: nonconsensual sex committed by someone who the victim knows - 80% of all sexual assaults are committed by someone the victim knows - giving and getting consent is an often ambiguous process, and this leads to misunderstanding and potential problems - our cultural practices contribute to the high incidence of rape in this cul
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