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Lecture 1

THEA 103 Lecture 1: 9716

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I. Action units are more or less same as major action units
A. MAU marked by key developments in the story
A.1. Inciting actions, complications, reversals, recognitions, climaxes,
resolutions, etc
B. Story beats are whole and complete actions that mark key developments within the
MAUs (motivations revealed or changed, mods established, objectives achieved or
abandoned, rising action, etc.) (There are not the same as Actor Beats) ← Take place in
absence of words
B.1. Plays are about human being performing action
B.2. Who cares about words, they're the tool
B.3. What you want is in the action
B.4. BME is interpreted
II. What units are not
A. MAUs and story beats do not follow same rules or structures across all plays or
B. Both don't always fall in same place for all critics/ scholars/ artists (usually
agreement on MAUs)
C. Beats and units are not the story, the plot, or the character, but rather are like
dna, the structures that create them
III. Defensible MAUs
A. Mau 1= exposition to inciting incident
B. Process: type every action as simple, declarative sentence
C. Look for patterns
D. Looked at new arrangement with an eye towards smaller units that could be
unified by a single action
E. Revised sentences to see if they could defensibly fit into a larger BME structure
F. Settles on the units you read, each unified by a single action
IV. In long awaited…
A. Given circumstances: laura wont open letter from marcus
B. Marcus killed his friend, laura's husband
C. Stasis A: marcus decided to deliver Eriks effects to laura, despite his fears
Stasis B: Laura chooses to forgive him
V. Work in long awaited
A. AU 1: to lose: both suffer loss, one temporary, one permanent (exposition)
B. AU 2: to suffer: both suffer their circumstance, one towards what he fears, one
away from her pain (rising action/ exposition)
C. AU 3: to confront (crisis)
D. AU 4: To forgive (climax and resolution) BME: recognize, reclaim, reject, and
E. Summary of story will come from the protagonist
E.1. they are the subject
E.2. He changes the most
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