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Lecture 19

ECON BC 2075y Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: African Socialism, Mary Wollstonecraft, Opportunity Cost

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ECON BC 2075y
Belinda Archibong

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Equality as an objective: Capitalists vs. Socialists?
Session 19 Topics
Lorenz curve
Can institutions alter our beliefs?
Socialism in marxist conception
Legal and political equality: socialist and capitalist approaches?
Julius Nyerere and African Socialism
Socialism and inequality in china
Anderson (Rawlsian) criticism of Luck Egalitarianism: Victims of Brute Luck
Does not express concern for worse off case of the Deaf and the problem of
using private (dissatisfaction to justify public oppression
—Disrespectful to those whom aid is directed- state equality board example pity
not compassion
—Too much dependence on free markets to allocate efficiently-ignores
interdependence of people
—Interferes with privacy and liberty of citizens (the capitalist/welfare thing does
not work)
—Does not promote personal responsibility- gives people an incentive to deny
personal responsibility
Democratic Equality vs Luck Egalitarianism
Point of equality is to abolish oppression and allow people to live together in
democratic community
—Luck: distributive theory vs. Democratic equality: social relationships
Anderson: Follows Sen’s equality of capabilities- aim of democratic equality is
to guarantee equality across a wide range of capabilities particularly those part of
All enjoy a Set of functionings as equals in society allow us equal status in
political influence and social bases of self-respect
—Only exception- criminal conduct, but we shouldn’t deprive people
w/imprudent behavior of enjoyment of capabilities
Smoking example and personal responsibility, freedom needed for responsible
— Social costs of welfare
Who was Mary Wollstonecraft?
Moral and political philosopher- Born 1759 in London, died in 1797
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