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Lecture 16

ECON BC 2075y Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Egalitarianism, Reparations For Slavery, Reservation In India

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ECON BC 2075y
Belinda Archibong

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Equality as an objective: The Egalitarian Return Part I
Session 16 Topics
Nozick- rectification of injustice in holdings and affirmative action
—Introducing egalitarianism, class and inequality
—Equality as an objective, equality of what
—Luck egalitarianism vs democratic equality
—On voting, political equality and personal responsibility
Evidence on Affirmative Action: Bertrand Paper on Affirmative Action In India
What were the main results of the paper?
—Lower caste applicants with income 4x more than average minority in state in
—Results in redistribution of education resources to economically disadvantaged
—Other effects not known
—Evidence of persistent effects targeted punishments of certain groups over time
in Nigeria (2016 paper)
The Libertarian case for Affirmative Action
Andrew Valls paper- a libertarian case, we know what the egalitarian liberals like
Rawls would say, but what would, individual rights above all Nozick/libertarians
— Valls- would support (race-based) affirmative action (uses case of African-
Americans in the US). Why?
—Entitlement theory- principle of rectification of injustice in holdings
The Libertarian case: Rectification
What to do about a society in which the distribution of wealth has been shaped by
past violations of rights?
—Examine the history- burden on proof on those who would condemn
—Unjust to say- ‘let’s just stop violating rights now, and go with minimal state
and no wealth redistribution’
—Individuals are not entitled to holdings based on past violations of rights- so
redistribution does not compromise property rights
—Rectification != compensation
Rectification vs compensation
Not equal. If alive, compensation if at least one dead, compensation
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