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ANTH V 1008y

JUNE 2nd It is not a comprehensive exams. You are only required to know the content since the last exam. Around 8 listening examples will be asked of you. He will play part of the songs and then ask us to define specific qualities of the song. D Beatles Early Period Songwriting Style Tin Pan Alley Conventions "All those Endearing Young Charms" Hooks at the Beginning The part of the song you can't forget Basic Instrumental Setup (GTRS/BS/DRMS - PNO/HCA) Generic Stylists (Rock+) Cover Versions "Love Me Do" The Beatles (196) five years later they took on a whole new vibe with their music. They've taken on the Wall of Sound (Phil Spector). "Tomorrow Never Knows" The Beatles (1966) written similar to Bob Dylan's lyrics. There is not a single sound coming out in a chronological way as it normally would. McCartney was experimenting with sound hoops; Tape Loops - The bird sound is actually a wet finger around the rim of a glass also with and electric guitar added in. When they were mixed together it is looped at triple speed backwards. There is no instrument. In 1948, in Paris, there a number of composers who explored various tape loops to create sonic loops called Musique Concret. The sound of a sitar played backwards. The bass and the drums were almost always in the back but in this piece they are right at the front. Up until this time you would have the drum kit at the back but they changed it and took the head and stuffed the microphone into the head. Heavy metal and hard rock began with this type of technique. The new engineer who was assigned to work with George Martin, Geoff Emmerick knew he could do the techniques electronically "Artificial Double Tracking". As you record a signal onto a double track, it records it on both but one is a second behind. Phase Shifter (Chorus Peddle). The Tin Pan Alley conventions have changed and they made it for one chord. Nothing fancy, same type of structure. "I am the Walrus" (1967) this was supposed to be on Sgt. Pepper but was put off for their next record. This song uses Alliteration much like Dylan did. The way they did this was SOUND POETRY. The song use word that have a similarity making it sound fantastic. Personifying the song was covered in the beginning of the song "I am he as ..." Lennon constantly wrote about his lost childhood. He felt he was, and he was, robbed of his childhood. He is trying to live through these songs as a child. This helped him come up with something very unique. Sound Poetry was his way of expressing this. Early Bollywood string sound. Sound Poetry had beat literacy. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 2 top selling records in the 1960s were West Side Story and the Sound of Music. Rock and Roll did not become mainstream until after the 60s. Broadway tunes were the hits at this time. They went into the studio in 1967 and did not emerge until 6 months later. This was extraordinary because nobody spent that much time or money on an album. When this happened so many people thought they had disappeared. The entire album cost 150,000 dollars. This was an insane amount of money to spend on an album especially if it were rock and roll. There are no credits on the jacket of the album. They enlisted the service of Richard Blake to make the album cover. Album art became more ornate at this point. Because of this album in particular Paul
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