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THTR V 2003x

LIDE E Mid-1950s rock and roll styles Race music was accused of causing kids to turn bad (delinquent). The lyrics were vulgar involving topics of sex. The record industry saw a possibility of gaining a hold of understanding it all; they then found a way of "sanitizing" the songs and creating cover versions. Taking in something and giving back. Seeger addresses this in his article that the music was altered to fit the mainstream. Everyone during this time was trying to access the teen music. All record labels wanted in on this. Chuck Berry -- the first audition he had was of "Ida Red" by Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys (Leon McAuliffe (guitarist)). Chuck Berry listened to all kinds of music but had a preference to country music. Bob Wills’s version had a country swing groove to it. This was the type of music that inspired Chuck Berry in his own performances. Double stops -- playing two notes at the same time on the guitar. Chuck Berry had 3 types of songs -- teenagers interested in romance, cars and no school. He kept the style but made the songs lyrics about the things that youth wanted to hear/ what they were interested in. "Maybelline" Chuck Berry (1955) Roughly after 58 the closing down of the first period of rock and roll THE IN BETWEEN YEARS Some of the things that define the in between years. Pulling things out of this period that were important for the music industry. SLIDE THE IN BETWEEM YEARS (1958 - 1964) around this time, the loss of many of those which began this period that was rock and roll. 1. Loss of Leaders (1958) Buddy Holly Elvis Presley Chuck Berry Little Richard Jerry Lee Lewis conspiracy theory. Elvis being drafted into the army. By sending out such an artist as him who was known for his ruckus that he portrayed, now was in an army uniform to defend his country. Had an addiction to amphetamines before and even worse after being in the army. Chuck Berry had the misfortune of being charged under the man act, ferrying a minor across the border. He went to jail for 2 years. Little Richard went back into the Church. He felt his career might be stalling, so he became a minister. There were tax advantages of having your own not too bad for him. Jerry Lee Lewis -- eaten up by the bad press. Payola Scandal SLIDE Independent record labels this was the cost of doing business. If you wanted to have your product oon the market you had to pay up front. 1959 there was a congretional committee. Owen Harris was the chair of the committee. Investigation of Fraud in television game shows. ("Twenty-one") they found out that contestants were being coached for the answers. The entertainment industry. There was still a lot of anxiety around race, delinquency and sex. ASCAP (New York) at this point wanted a similar investigation. ASCAP (New York Publishing), BMI (radio/time --- R&B Rock and Roll). Independent record labels had a relationship with BMI. ASCAP wanted to prove that not just television had scandal but also rock and roll was full of it. Much like Machiavelli, these investigations would knock out the top at fault in order to set a warning for all others. If they could knock out indie radio/do they could knock out all recordings. They would bring up the industry leaders (Alan Freed and Dick Clark). Alan Freed (worked for WINS in New York) went to court and admitted that he received that he received money for music played on his program. The IRS having found this out hounded him. Now that he was labeled as a cheat, he went back to his radio station assuming he would go on working and was handed a disclaimer when he refused to sign it he was denied his job. Dick Clark on the other hand was asked to do the same thing. He was asked a bit about the industry, ABC (American Broadcasting Corporation) which he was most associated with. He was advised by his lawyers to put his money away into trust. (DICK CLARK'S FINANCIAL NETWORK SLIDE) He had conflict of interest with many artists. They asked him if he received money for music he played on his program, he refused to play cover versions this made him a target. He was connected in many ways, and this is why he remains powerful in the entertainment industry to this day. He received a slap on the wrist. These investigations/trials were to heed a warning to other DJs. There was a significant decrease in independent labels. Major Record SLIDE wanted to reassert control over the Markey Bought out contracts of major stars streamlined bought out successful indie labels hired independent producers they were not interested in the business of sourcing the music the youth wanted. Radio was not caught in a quandary. Though it was still happening and trying to attract and maintain audiences, recording companies were the ones that were paying radio up until now. 1948 2 radio engineers went to an industry meeting in New Orleans and after the meeting went to a restaurant and noticed people constantly went to the juke box and played the same song over and over again. They were doing this because it was a new song that everyone now liked. These two engineers developed a new idea; format playlist. They would put Top 40 songs and put them in 4 categories. On the radio the top 10 songs would have more play because they were the ones people wanted to hear. The next 10 would have less frequent play and so forth. Unless a song was new it did not get a lot of play unless it was s part of the
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