LAW 3102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 18: Windscreen Wiper, Kylie Jenner, Ugly Law

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Published on 22 Mar 2018
Identify of person
& how as a society (environment/stigma/ attitude) creates a disability
Phenomen: The fear of disability con: public suspicion and ethics of rights
Doron Dorfman
Kylie jenner:
Model in wheelchair
Show difficulties/ hardships that come with disability status
Disability is a cultural/ social issue
Disability blogger 
Someone who isn’t disabled is parking in disability parking spot
What is fear of disability con?
Ugly law: ppl who were unsightly/ disabled prohibited them to go into public
19th century: afraid of beggars extorting $ through pity
If you kick people out of the streets where are the supposed to go?
Institutionalized (pushed away from society)
Americans Disability Act
Disability & Fakery: Popular accounts
National epidemic of horrible people pretending to be disabled
Rationale: “Disability Perks”
“Handicap parking spaces during holiday szn” Mayson Zaid
One on one interviews, living in SF Bay area (around 3000 ppl)
Disability in regulated public spaces
Disneyland lines
Disneyland was one of the first places to accommodate people with
disabilities w/o being obliged to do it by law
Disneyland epitome of America
Media became obsessed with disabled guest in a theme park
This fear of disability con jumped
1. People with disabilities have mobility issues (and walk slower)
2. A.L. v Walt Disney Parks and Resorts U.S. Inc.
A.L. (has autism) getting off his his routing is a very problematic
idea. Not following a specific routine can cause a meltdown and
he has to get out of the park. When he and his family went to
disneyland the tried the new policy and it didn't work for them.
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