MGT 3120H Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Peter Drucker

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Published on 11 Feb 2017
Mentor questions due week from today
Great characteristics of manager
Have you had any great managers in the past?
Shifting Gears After a Promotion - WSJ
Question for midterm exam:
1. peter tucker considered father of management FALSE
Peter drucker
2. The bus example of management get the right people on wrong people off fire the bus driver if he
doesn't perform
3. Management is simple but not easy
Manage this exercise:
Employee performance problem -> asks for a day off to work to attend a religious service
Do’s and Dont’s
Don’t say but !!!!!!!! ( it cancels out everything)
(Manager) You have to be a:
Taskmaster ( kick them in the ass)
Tell the truth compulsively
Tell the truth about everything you have done or plan to do
Tell the truth immediately
Not saying something when it needs to be told weakens integrity
Tell the truth repeatedly
This is what i want you to stop doing
That is what i want you to start doing
This is what i want you to continue doing
Establish and keep channel open all the time not just when you have a problem
You must communicate with each person differently
Timely communication stike when iron is hot
Expect and demand honesty from others
Lying takes too much time
Establish rules up front
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find more resources at
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