MGT 3120H Lecture 7: Mar 8

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Published on 8 Mar 2017
Mentor Question:
How do you make a good decision?
What do you do when you make a bad decision?
Test Questions
If task and relationships balance it must be S2 true
Heavy on relat. Light on task S3 relationship true
S3 and s4 are used on top performers FALSE
S2 is best leadership style false
S3 is the style to use on your two top performers false
Begin using s1 w/ every employee and move to s4 false
Situational leadership developed by hershey
Most managers have variety of leadership styles false
Only have one
Putting people in boxes abc players can do a lot of harm true
Broad categories miss subtles about people's talent true
There is much evidence to support abc model false
Job burnout has little impact on job turnover false
Txbk coercive power is the power to reward false
Referent power and xpert power are same thing false
Human relations and democratic leadership same false
Assignment: Chapter 16 and Chapter 3
Wall Street Journal
R1 what employees want
March 7 facebook wasn't ready for videos dark side
US Trade Gap reaches a 5 year high A-2 Wednesday March 8th
B5 Era overconfident CEO’s Their era is ending
B1 today Uber seeks deputy to help its chief
S4 delegating (low task low relationship)
High level involvement
Show interest acknowledge
Letting go
Giving people responsibility and letting them make decisions
Mainiting limited communications through briefing and updates
Giving people recognition for accepting responsibilities
Done with your best performers
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