MGT 3120H Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Dennis Amiss, Jay Greene, Decision-Making

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Published on 14 Mar 2017
WSJ March 13, 2017 R6 Collaboration is great but one tool is enough by Jay Greene
R6 In search of a perfect team? (Who works best with whom? Now we know)
R4 When peer recognition comes at the push of a button By Yuliya Chernova
R1 How AI Is transforming the workplace?
B2 Uber Fights Unionization
On Wednesday turn in Evaluation for each team member 2 copies
Put their name on top
A B C player
What they did well and what they need to work on
Heres what i liked and here’s what I didn’t like
Review Questions
Task and relationship are balanced it must be S2 style of leadership- true
Heavy on rel. Light on task must be S3- true
S3 and s4 leadership styles used on top performers- false
S2 is best style of all four - false
S3 is style used on top performer- false
Beg using s1 and move thru to s4- false
Situational leadership developed by ross kooger- false HERSHEY
Most managers have variety of leadership styles- false
R1 style high task low relationship -false
R4 is low in task and relationship- false
Subordinate regression is more common than subordinate development- true
Era of over-confident ceo is just beginning- false
The days of annual performance review are over- true
Some companies are celebrating product failure- true
Manage boss
Everyone thought it’d be easy and a walk in the park
Bad things happen prepare for them
Decision Making (Class Notes)
Choices and Decisions
Regret when we make the wrong choice
Congestions when everyone wants the same thing
Inability to assess the risks associated with different choices
Human Behavior
People stay with the wrong decisions, rather than change
Throw good money after bad
Justif failed predictions rather than admit they were wrong
Reject info that disputes their beliefs
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