MGT 3120H Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Peter Drucker, Unconscious Mind, Impulsivity

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Published on 19 Mar 2017
Mar 15
MGT 3120 H
Last wall street journal before midterm
WSJ Articles: You’re not too busy, you’re just a little rude
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Chapter 10
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Chapter 16
45 questions - lecture
20 questions - wsj
20 questions - textbook
World is shades of gray:
Procrastinate or avoid making a decision
Feel more regret after decision making
Thoughtful about making right choice
Stay longer in unhappy relationships
Appreciate multiple points of view
Make decision quickly, speak their minds
More predictable in making decisions
Less anxious about making wrong decision
Shorter relationship conflicts
Less likely to considers point of view
Is there any reason to suspect errors-driven byself-interest
Have the people fall in love with their ideas
When evaluating something we like, e minimize the risks and costs and exaggerate the benefits
Have credible alternatives been considered
Most people are too optimistic about future and attributes
ex) physicians who were “completely certain” about a diagnosis we wrong 40% f the time
people let emotions play too big a role in decision making
Take your emotional temperature before making a decision
lower the emotional level
Frame problem clarify issues
Filter out emotions/ expectations
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