MGT 3120H Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Takers, Robert D. Putnam, Risk Aversion

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Published on 23 Mar 2017
March 22, 2017
84 questions
WSJ Articles:
B5- why bosses are tracking employees
Women gain as skills shift for high paying jobs
Assignment Investor's Business Daily Article : pick out one thing and give a 3 sentence blurb about why it's
Due on Wednesday
The coach's “ego” or lack of it determines the team’s success- Bill Walsh
Biggest obstacle to being a great coach is the coach's ego
Coach must sidestep his ego so that people can communicate w/o fear
The players have to be comfortable that they will not be ridiculed if their ideas or suggestions are wrong
- bill walsh San Francisco 49ers
Coaches ego can wreck a team or an organization
Coach is distracted by his/her own importance
Caused by insecurity in working with others
A need to draw attention to yourself
Ego makes coach insensitive to how they work with others
Too many coaches don't have enough confidence
They start to coach for the fans and not for themselves
- Joe Paterno Coach/ Penn State University
Pride and tradition are built on trust
American people no test ceo’s as much as they trust car dealers
46% if americans believe all ceo’s behave unethically
16% think corporate scandals are isolated incidents
- Trust grows out of trust
- One way to get trust is to trust
- When managers don't trust, it drives employees to be less trusting
Ways to win people's trust
Let people know the downside to the negatives
Bad news travels fast
Don't let the grapevine beat you in informing your subordinate of bad news
How to deal with betrayal of trust
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