MGT 3120H Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Mirror Neuron, Body Language, Human Brain

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Published on 23 Mar 2017
Mar 20, 2017
MGT 3120H
When You’re Older than the Boss- NYT on BB
Midterm closed- Final Exam
WSJ- Should students be required to take personal finance course
Tuning Out: Listening becomes a skill
Next case- Wednesday Gen Y in Workforce
Due Apr 5th
I come to every situation not with knowledge, but with ignorance, and I ask questions and listen- peter
Peter drucker said “hear what isn't being said”
- What body language is conveying
- Pause at end of question to let other person think of response
- Convery impression that you and other person are collaborating working towards same objective
7% of communication derives from the words we use
38% from tone of our voice
55% of our body language and gestures
Good listening is inordinately difficult, even for experienced listener
People don't listen because they feel capable of much more than just listening
Listening is a disturbing experience because we are forced to see the other person's perspective and
we risk being changed
Is more an attitude than a skill******
Listening demands
difficult to maintain this
You as a manager must model listening so that the subordinate can see and do
Seek first to understand, then to be understood- st francis
The greatest need is to be understood , to be affirmed, to be appreciated,
When you listen with empathy you met these needs
Empathy is not sympathy
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find more resources at
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