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Lecture 2

PSY 3065 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Job Satisfaction, Dependent And Independent Variables, Hindsight Bias

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PSY 3065

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Chapter 2
Hindsight bias tendency to exaggerate prediction of an outcome after knowing that it occurred
Research Designs
o Experimental method researcher randomly assigns participants to different condition and
ensures that these conditions are identical except for the independent variable
Random Assignment a process ensuring that all participants have an equal chance of
taking part in any condition of an experiments
ensures that differenes in partipants’ personalities or akgrounds are
Independent Variable variable that is changed/controlled in a experiment to test
effects of dependent variable
gender, ethnicity, type of TV show
Dependent Variable variable being tested and measured in a scientific experiment
job satisfaction, gpa, hildren’s aggression
o Observational method researcher observes people and systematically records behavior
Archival analysis method which the researcher examines the accumlated documents,
or archives, of a culture (diaries, internet data, magazines)
Ethnography method in which researchers attempt to understand a group or culture
by observing it from the inside (living with their culture
o Correlational method technique whereby two or more variables are systematiclly measured
and the relationship between them (looks @ relationship) usually surveys
Positive correlation: increases in the value of one variable are associated with
increases in the value of the other variable -> /
Negative correlation: increases in the value of one variable are associated with
decreases in the value of the other variable -> \
Correlation does not equal causation! does not mean one necessarily causes the other
Random sampling crucial for data results
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