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Lecture 5

PSY 3065 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Ingratiation, Fundamental Attribution Error, Binge Eating

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PSY 3065

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Chapter 5
Internal attributions Infer a person is behaving in a certain way because of something about the person
(attitude, character, personality)
o e: he said soethig ea so he’s a self etered jerk
External attributions Infer a person is beahving a certain way because of something about the situation
o e: he said soethig eause he’s so stressed at ork this eek
Fundamental Attribution Error the tede to eplai out o ad other people’s ehaiors etirel
in terms of personality traits, while neglecting situational factors
o Self-serving attributions eplaatios for oe’s successes that credit internal dispositional
fators, ad eplaatios for oe’s failures that blame external, situational factors
Self-concept the overall set of beliefs that people have about their personal attributes
o Some primates and other mammals have this, humans get this at 18 24 months old
Independent view of self defines self thru own internal thoughts and feelings,
independence/uniqueness valued
o held in many western cultures
Interdependent view of self defines self thru relationship with other people,
connectedness/interdependence valued
o held in asian & non-western cultures
Impression management the attempt by people to get others to see them as they want to be seen
o Ingratiation Flattering, praising, and generally trying to make ourselves likeable to another
person, often of higher status
can come across as inauthentic or manipulative
goal: to be liked by others
o Self-handicapping creating obstavles and exuses for ourselves
can make us seem less likeable behavioral & reported making excuses
goal: avoid to be seen as incompetent
o Supplication when people publicly exaggerate their weaknesses and deficiencie
self-depreciation, people do this to get what they want
goal: to be seen as helpless
o Intimidation wanting to be feared or come across as powerful
can be ineffective, can give threats
goal: to be seen as powerful or ruthless
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