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Lecture 12

PSY 3065 Lecture 12: 3056 ch12

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PSY 3065

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Chapter 12 Aggression
Aggression intentional behavior aimed at causing physcial harm or psychological pain to another person
o Hostile aggression goal is other than causing pain
o Instrumental aggression stems from anger and goal is to cause pain or injuury
o Physical aggression men more likely to inflict serious injury
no gender difference
Social-cognitive learning theory people learn social behavior through observation and imitation of others
o both altruism and aggression (Bandura BOBO doll)
o Physiological influences:
alcohol, pain, discomfort increases aggression
Frustration-aggression theory the perception that you are being prevented from attaining a goal
o increasing probability of an aggressive responses
o reduced when understood, legit, and unintentional
o goal: closer to goal is more frustration
Media violence numbs people to difficult, violent or other events
o de huaizig eey i gaes ca affect how players regard plays i real life
Weapons effect increase of aggression that can occur because of presence of gun or another weapon
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