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Lecture 13

PSY 3065 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: In-Group Favoritism, Ethnocentrism, Stereotype Threat

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PSY 3065

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Chapter 13 - Prejudice
Prejudice hostile or negative attitude towards people in a distinguishable group based on group membership
o ANY GROUP can be a target of this
o Three components:
Stereotypes geeralizatio aout group of people ho’s traits are assigned to all
members of group regardless of actual variation w/ members
o Stereotype threat apprehension experienced by members of a group that their
behavior may confirm a cultural sterotype
Asians w/ tests
Social identity part of our identity that stems from our membership
in groups
Ethnocentrism elief that oe’s ethii group, atio, or religio is
superior to all others
Discrimination unjustified negative action towards members of a group because of their
membership in that group
Emotions negative emotions about groups are often ingrained difficult to dispel
In-group bias tedey to faor eers of oe’s o group thus haig speial preferee oer people ho elog
to other groups
Out-group homogeneity in group members perceive out group members as being more similar than they really are
o they are all like
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