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Lecture 8

FORS 3331 Lecture 8: Dr Ferraro - FORS 3331 - Spring 2017 - Lecture 8

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Forensic Science
FORS 3331
Joseph V.Ferraro

Baker | FORS 3331 | Spring 2017 | Lecture 8 | Page 1 LECTURE 8: THE SKULL (PART V) Lacrimals – Small, thin, fragile, rectangular bones that are part of the medial walls of the orbits anterior to the ethmoid – They articulate with the frontals, maxillae, ethmoid, and inferior nasal conchae – Form via intramembranous ossification from a single center Nasals – Small, thin, rectangular bones below the glabellar region – Non-articular, free inferior ends form the top of the nasal aperture – They articulate superiorly with the frontal; laterally with maxillae; and posteriorly with the ethmoid – They form via intramembranous ossification from a single center Zygomatics – Corners of the face – "Cheek bones" – Articulate with the frontal, sphenoid, temporal and maxilla – Form via intramembranous ossification from 3 centers and fuse during fetal development – Frontal Process - extends vertically o Articulates with the frontal – Temporal Process - extends posteriorly o Articulates with the zygomatic process of he temporal to form the zygomatic arch – Maxillary Process - extends medially o Articulates with the maxilla to form the infraorbital margin – Zygomaticofacial Foramen - perforates the lateral surface – Masseteric Origin - roughened, expanded inferior edge of the bone o Attachment for the masseter muscle o Elevator of the mandible Sphenoid – Surrounds the optic nerves – The most complex bone of the skull and sits between the neurocranium and face bones – Articulates with the vomer, ethmoid, frontal, occipital, parietals, temporals, zygomatics, and palatines Baker | FORS 3331 | Spring 2017 | Lecture 8 | Page 2 – Forms via both endochondral and intramembranous ossifications (pterygoid plates) – Many ossification centers – Body - robust midline portion o Articulates with the cribiform and perpendicular plates of the ethmoid o Articulates with the occipital at the basilar suture o Articulates with the vomer – Optic Canals - latera
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