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Lecture 7

FORS 3331 Lecture 7: Dr Ferraro - FORS 3331 - Spring 2017 - Lecture 7

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Baylor University
Forensic Science
FORS 3331
Joseph V.Ferraro

Baker | FORS 3331 | Spring 2017 | Lecture 7 | Page 1 LECTURE 7: THE SKULL (PART IV) – In this lecture we'll tackle the rest of the bones of the cranium: o Maxillae o Palatines o Vomer o Ethmoid o Lacrimals o Inferior Nasal Conchae o Nasals o Sphenoid o Zygomatics o These form via intramembranous ossification, endochondral ossification, or a mixture of both Maxillae – The upper jaw bones – Articulates with the frontal, ethmoid, parietal, nasal, zygomatic, lacrimal, inferior nasal conchae, palatine, vomer and vomer bones – Ossifies on membrane from two primary centers – These two elements fuse along the intermaxillary suture – Alveolar Process - horizontal process that holds the upper tooth roots – Alveoli - sockets for upper tooth roots – Canine Jugum - eminence over the canine root on the facial surface – Zygomatic Process - on the lateral portion of the face (cheek) – Infraorbital Foramen - located below the infraorbital rim on the facial surface o Passing an artery, vein, and nerve (V2) – Canine Fossa - hollow area on the facial surface below the infraorbital foramen – Anterior Nasal Spine - thin projection at the midline of the inferior margin of the nasal aperture – Maxillary Sinus - a hollow space superior to the alveolar process and inferior to the orbital floor – Frontal Process - extends superiorly o Articulates with the frontal, nasal, lacrimal, and ethmoid bones – Anterior Lacrimal Crest - vertical crest on the lateral part of the frontal process o Combines with the posterior lacrimal crest of the lacrimal bone to form the lacrimal groove and canal – Palantine Process - anterior 2/3 of the hard palate and floor of the nasal cavity – Incisive Foramen - perforates the anterior hard palate at the midline – Incisive Canal - opens via the incisive foramen Baker | FORS 3331 | Spring 2017 | L
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