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Lecture 19

REL 1350 Lecture 19: Couter Reformation

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REL 1350

Zwingli 1. 1519 preached directly from the bible in Zurich (as opposed to scholastic commentaries) 2. Questioned the veneration of saints, purgatory, images, vestments, and music 3. Commandment about images 4. Rejected transubstantiation; Eucharist is simply a sign, a reminder of spiritual presence D. Radical Alternative 1. Luther Luther) Pauls theology vs. Jamess theology Paul said justification by faith only James said the action was proof of faith Luther regarded Jamess theology as inferior. Calvin argued that all scripture are equally important 5. Sovereignty of God idea of predestination 6. Double destination: God not only chose whom he wished to save but also chose those he wished to condemn 7. Fourfold ministry: pastor, teacher, elder, and deacon 8. Geneva, a model Christian commonwealth F. Englands Reformation 1. King Henry VIIIs marriage a. Pope denied henrys request for divorce, since pope was affiliated with Spain, where Henrys wife was from 2. Act of Restraint of Appeals in 1533: forbade all appeals to ROme 3. Break from Rome in 1534: Henry VIII as the Supreme Head of the Church of England 4. No changes in practice and doctrine . Therefore among reforms, anglicans are closest to roman catholics and practice and doctrine 5. Thomas Cranmer published the Book of Common Prayer The 7 Sacraments 1. Baptism: the first step in a journey of commitment and discipleship 2. Confirmation: reaffirming faith. Sacrament of mature Christian commitment and deepening of baptismal gifts, associated with the gifts of the Holy Spirit 3. Eucharist: faith in the real presence of Jesus who died for our sins 4. Reconciliation (Penance): Conversion, confession, and celebration (forgiveness)
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