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Lecture 23

REL 1350 Lecture 23: The Great Century

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REL 1350

1) The Great Century (18001914) Nineteenth century a) Rural and agricultural society gave way to cities and industry b) Marks of liberty and nationalism i) Socialism as a response to capitalism c) expanding middle class 2) England a) evangelicalism (heartfelt religion, mission, moral reform) b) Expansion of Nonconformity (nonAnglican Protestants) in England i) Methodism, congregationalism ii) Evangelical bishops in the church of england ( mid century) iii) New ones, Irvingites (charismatic gifts) (1) John Nelson Darby (Plymouth Brethren, Rapture) c) Moral reform i) No worldly things on sunday ii) Moral reform in the middle class iii) Against slavery, campaign for a 10hour ___ iv) ___ v) ___ 3) Continent a) Corruption of clergy in Calvins Geneva (Rationalism) b) Le Reveil (Awakening): British evangelicals and Moravians c) British evangelicalism in Continent (Bible societies, tract societies, missionary societies and Sunday schools) d) Lutherans resistance against churchs alliance with the political power persecution fled to US Missouri Synod, other conservative synods in American Lutheranism e) Inner mission movement: Pietists ministry for underprivileged boys, seamen, prisoners: Community of nursing deaconesses in Kaiserwerth _________ f) ____ 4) Evangelicals in America a) Amazing vitality without an established church and without a clergy tied to the social order b) Vast majority of American Protestants was evangelicals i) Salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ ii) Centrality of the conversion or born again experience (revival) iii) Strong commitment to evangelism iv) Authority of the bible c) Charles Finney: Great revivalist (by stressing the necessity of choice and human freedom, he move American evangelicalism away from Calvinistic theology) d) Planting ministers and churches among the western settlers (gold in california) + schools, college e) Emphasis on virtue, manners, and mores (temperance abstinence) f) Emphasis on the establishment of the kingdom of god, for Christs return 5) Problem of Slavery a) Southern evangelicals defended slavery on scriptural grounds b) Northern evangelicals attacked the inhumanity of the institution (Uncle Toms Cabin 1852) c) Division of Presbyterians (1837), Methodists, (1844), and Baptists d) _______ 6) The Crisis of Faith a) The larger the urban community, the lower the percentage of people going to church
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