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Lecture 25

REL 1350 Lecture 25: Missionary Movement

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Baylor University
REL 1350

1) The Great Century: Missionary movement of the 19th century 2) Situation a) The missionary movement of the 19th century has been seen and condemned as a tool of western imperialism b) But there were contrasting pictures in mission fields c) Russian Orthodox missionaries carried their faith, eastward, along with the expanding Russian Empire. d) Surging Western interest in missions was largely tied to evanagelical revival e) Surging western interest in missions was largely tied to evenagelical revival i) London missionary society ( ) ii) _____ ( ) iii) Dont need to memorize these 3) India a) Suppression of the Jesuits by india and also british tading company (incorrect name?) b) Revival of Indian Catholicism i) The end of the padroado ii) Religious orders such as the revival Jesuits, Benedictines, Salesians c) Growth of Protestantism i) English Chaplains, Clergies hired by east india company ii) Henry Martyns translation of the NT and the Book of Common Prayer in Hindustani iii) William Carey (17611834): Father of the modern missionary movement (1) Christianity needs to grow beyond the Christendom (2) To put the bible into the language of the people (more than 30 languages) (3) Social reform, a campaign against sati (for 26 years) d) Westernization of school and education system i) Against prostitution, early marriages, and polygamy 4) Japan a) New openness to the West (for the sake of technology and the guns) treaty of commerce b) The last antiChristian edicts were lifted in 1873 c) Christian Universities such as Doshisha and Keio University d) Decrease by the 1890s, and Kanzo Uchimuras Mukyokai (nochurch) movement (1901) i) Believed in Jesus and had christian faith but rejected church institutions 5) China a) Confucianism supported by the emperor...against Christianity b) Morrisons secret missionary activities at Guanzhou i) Translated the bible ii) Composed both a chinese grammar and ChineseEnglish dictionary iii) Ultra Ganges Mission (for a large Chinese diaspora) (diaspora: people settled far from their ancestral homelands) c) The first Opium wars (18391844); the second war (18561860) i) Five ports were opened ii) Foreigners could study chinese and build houses, schools, and churches iii) Foreigners right to travel legally outside of the treaty ports iv) Christians were granted protection and freedom of worship v) Christian expansion foreign oppressive power d) Taiping Rebellion i) Christian milleneram movement called to cleanse China of its sins and expose the errors of Confucius ii) Captured the city of Nanjing and a large part of the Chinese empire
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