THEA 1314 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Roundabout Theatre Company, Choregos

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22 Feb 2020
Theatre Business
Budget Lines for Theatre
Rights / royalties
o Actors
o Designers
o Crew members
o Orchestra (musicians)
Scenery / props
Lighting / sound
*shows can be expensive, thus we can't forget theatre is a business
There's No Business…
Theatre is part of the economy
He who has the money, is the boss
Your product must please the boss
Products created to please the boss
Ancient Greece
Choregos - wealthy Athenian citizen chosen by archon (chief magistrate)
o Honor and a duty
o Use of private wealth to fund public good
Paid for everything but the flute player and principle actors
Prize awarded to both playwright and choregos
Rulers, nobles, and very wealthy people paid for arts
"commissioned" works for greater public
Medici family of Renaissance Florence - turned Florence into hub of Renaissance
Queen Elizabeth was patron of William Shakespeare
Types of Theatres
Contemporary theatre : in charge of business / management side of a production
Nonprofit theatre : executive director -- with help of Board of Directors
o Mission statement
For-profit theatre : producer -- with help of investors and "angels"
o All about money
Money in Non-Profit Theatre
Nonprofits rely heavily on volunteers, even when they have large budgets
o Roundabout theatre budget in 2013 was $60 million
Money coming form three main sources
o Government subsidy / foundation funding
o Individual donors
o Ticket / subscription funding
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