THEA 1314 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Moscow Art Theatre, Henrik Ibsen, Anton Chekhov

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Published on 22 Feb 2020
Modern Theatre
From Shakespeare to Modernity
Shakespeare (late 1500s - early 1600s) led to
Romanticism (1600s - 1870s)
o Emoting
o Presentational
o "real" was stylized
Modern Theatre
Many different movements
Search for Truth
Challenged long-held beliefs
Influential People
Charles Darwin
Karl Marx
Sigmund Freud
Albert Einstein
Everything resembles everyday life
Scientific study of drama
Develop new ways to accurately represent real life
Box Set
o 3 realistic walls
o The imaginary "fourth wall"
o Real stuff onstage
The New Playwrights
Henrik Ibsen - Norway
o "father" of modern realism
o Tackled taboo social / moral issues
o A Doll's House
Anton Chekhov - Russia
o Worked with Stanislavski and Moscow Art Theatre
o Tragicomedy
The Cherry Orchard
Three Sisters
Uncle Vanya
August Strindberg - Sweden
o Started in Naturalism - "battle of the brains"
o Fragmentary dialogue
o Moved to expressionism
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