THEA 1314 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Great Barrington, Massachusetts, The Berkshires, The Atlantic

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22 Feb 2020
Ice Glenn
Joan Ackermann
Lives in the Berkshires
Wrote the play for Shakespeare and Company
Has written for the stage, television, movies, magazines, and journals
o Stanton's Garage
o Zara Spoon and other Lures
o Off the Map
o The Batting Cage
o Arli$$
Cofounder of Mixed Company Theater in Great Barrington, MA
Plot Summary
The poet Sarah Harding lives in a state of seclusion at Stonegate with four others
Peter Woodburn, an editor from the Atlantic Monthly literary magazine, is determined to publish
Sarah's poems
To Sarah, the poems are pieces of her innermost, private self
Woodburn causes a whirlwind of changes for Sarah and all of the residents in the house
The Characters
Sarah Harding : a poet living at Stonegate; she tends the gardens
Dulce Bainbridge : the owner of Stonegate
Mrs. Rosewell : Stonegate's cook and housekeeper
Peter Woodburn : an editor for the Atlantic Monthly literary magazine based in Boston
Grayson : the butler of Stonegate
Denby : a young man who has lived at Stonegate ever since his parents passed away in a fire
The Setting
The play takes place in and around a "Berkshire" cottage in the Berkshire Hills of western
o Near the towns of Lenox and Stockbridge
o 1 scene in Boston
The action is set over the course of a few weeks in October and November 1919
Director's Concept
What does it mean to share a part of yourself you normally keep hidden with another person?
What does the vulnerability mean? What does it cost?
Over the course of the play, al of the characters face a choice; to put up walls to protect
themselves, or to reach out to each other to establish connections based on personal vulnerability
A wild rose blooming
o Something small, closed off, and protected, it takes time to bloom and reveal multiple layers
How can we bring a sense of place to our production?
o The house
o Nature
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