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Cestodes Intro: • Anchored in gut wall with scolex, absorb food through tegument, shedding body segments (proglottids) filled with eggs • Scolex with arms is hooked, w/o arms is unhooked o Bothria = slit like grooves (2 per scolex) o Acetabulum = suckers (4 per scolex) • Proglottid are egg producing units budded from head and neck • Strobila is linear series of proglottids (hermaphroditic) o Strobilation = asexual production of segments • No digestive tract, specialized microvillie for nutrient uptake • Excretion and Osmoregulation = protonephredial excretion system (flame cells) • Developmental Stages o Zygote develops into oncosphere, contains larvae that will penetrate intestinal wall o Intermediate Host = immature form of parasite (egg eating) o Definitive Host = mature form (larvae eating) o Always two hosts • Two classes o Pseudophyllidea – acquatic intermediate host (SCOLEX WITH BOTHRIA) (ciliated oncosphere, allow swimming in water)  Coracidium has cilia and develops into procercoid -> plerocercoid o Cyclophyllidea – herb/omnivorous intermediate host  All intermediate stages have scolex inside out  Larvae are usually liquid filled bladder with invaginated scolex, cause pathogenesis usually not adults because well adapted  Dipylidium  Taenoid • Metacestode Stages o Pseudophyllidea – procercoid in first host, then plerocercoid in second host o Cyclophyllidea – cysticercoid, cysticercus, hydatid Nematodes Intro • Provide powerful genetic models to study basis of development, aging and many diseases • Molt 4 times to become adult • Stiff motility using sinuous undulations of bodies, lack circular muscles depend on longitudinal muscles • Musculature tightly attached to hypodermis and cuticle • Coordinated muscle contraction in different quadrants along length of worm results in bending of cuticula • Muscle contains striated fiber made of actin and myosin • Brain consists of single ring around phanyx • Have complete digestive system with mout at very tip o Food pumped against pressure by muscular esophagus • Reproduction: most are dioecious but hermaphrodites occur to, males smaller than females (use pheromones) o SPERM: rely on amoeboid movement rather than flagellum, actin has no role  Small highly basic protein (Major Sperm Protein [MSP])  MSP forms dimers which assemble into subfilaments, two fest form a helical filament, cells move by fiber growth through addition of subunits • Development: small number of cell
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