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Lecture 30

BIOL 3030 Lecture 30: Lecture 30: 4/7/2017

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Boston College
BIOL 3030
Christopher Kenaley

➢ Reproduction ○ Parity (live or out of an egg) and nutritional modes ○ Meeting physiological requirements of development ■ Oxygen ■ Food ■ Waste removal ■ Calcium: bone, muscle movement, neurons ○ direct/indirect development ■ Metamorphosis ■ Plasticity of life stage ➢ Sex determination in lizards ○ Phylogeny to reconstruct transitions in sex determination ■ Gsd then tsd ■ Tsd: not homologous: evolved many times ● Sources of error: can affect an entire phylogeny ➢ Hermaphroditism: male and female ○ Ray finned: lots of hermophrodites ■ Evolved 5-6 times ➢ Parity modes ○ Oviparity modes: eggs ■ Develop outside mom, passive environment interaction ■ lecithotrophy ○ Viviparity: eggs inside mother ■ Born alive, active interaction with environment ■ matrotrophy ➢ Nutritional modes ○ Lecithotrophy: nutrition from stored yolk ○ Matrotrophy: nutrition from current maternal physiology ■ Placenta, umbilical cord ➢ Ancestral parity mode ○ oviparity/lecithotrophic: ■ Oxygen ■ Food: yolk ■ Waste removal: diffusion ■ Calcium: not egg shell, yolk ○ Ocean ■ Danger: eggs are out there floating around ■ Smaller growth because egg cant get big ● Amount of yolk is limited ■ Tradeoff: embryo growth and yol
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