BIOL3040 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Nuclear Membrane, Ouabain, Antiporter

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6 Feb 2017

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Practice questions
- Do all molecules that move against a gradient need to use active transport?
o Yes, it is not favorable for molecules to go against the gradient.
- How ight a pup e poisoed so that it aot futio?
o Something can bind to the transporter and prevent it from functioning by causing a
conformational shift
o Ouabain can bind to the sodium potassium ATPase and prevent the conformational change
- Is the Na+K+ATPase an antiporter?
o No it is an ATP driven pump (coupled pump does not directly use ATP)
- As mentioned, the functional Na K ATPase needs both an alpha and a beta subunit. When I was
in grad school, I was studying one of the alpha subunits in the brain (called Atp1a1). My advisor
wanted to know what specific beta subunit normally bound to Atp1a1 in the brain. How could I
experimentally determine this?
o Immunoprecipation in order to pull out the alpha and run it on a western then fluoresce the
- Nuclear envelope
o Surrounds the nucleous
o Under the nuclear envelope is the lamina
Supports the inner membrane
Form a mesh like network
Made up of lamins
Phosphorylation prevents lamin from binding to each other and lamina falls
o Interacts with each other keep the structural integrity
o Double membrane
Outer membrane
Continuous with the ER
Inner membrane
Supported by the Nuclear lamina and has proteins that bind to chromatin
o Encases the nucleus
- Nuclear pores
o Where things get in and out
- Nucleolus
o Where ribosomal RNAs are synthesized
o Ribosome are both protein and RNA
- Euchromatin
o Active DNA is stored there (used by the cell)
- Heterochromatin
o Is denser material that is often on the periphery of the nucleus
o Non transcriptionally active DNA is stored
- Packaged into chromosomes
- Chromatin
o Combination of DNA and protein
- Nucleosome
o 8 histone proteins and DNA
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