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BIOL 3150

GenomeActivities (Chapter 14) • Changes in genome regulation over short period of time (transient – one cell division) or long (semipermanent – multiple divisions) • Regulation can be imposed at several steps of transcription o Gene accessibility = compact chromatin o Initiation of transcription: regulate which enhancer polymerase interacts w/ or repressor o Synthesis of RNA:Attenuation in bacteria • Bacterial ribosomal proteins can auto-regulate its production by inhibiting translation of its own transcript (ferritin binding to mRNA on start codon [iron response]) • Extracellular signal can directly or indirectly affect gene expression o Direct – enters cell, Indirect – signal transduction via cell surface receptor o Directly affect cell in three ways  Signal compound is an activator or repressor  Signal compound directly influences protein factor  Signal compound indirectly influences a protein factor o Animals employ steroid hormones to directly regulate transcription of many genes to elicit a particular cellular response  Steroid hormones can cross plasma membrane and interact with steroid receptors in the cytoplasm and together they enter the nucleus and directly bind to DNAsequences to turn on/off transcription  Promoter sequences containing binding sites for steroid or nuclear receptors are called respons
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