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Genome Mapping II (Physical Mapping) • Genetic mapping is not as accurate as physical mapping because of an uneven distribution of crossing over due to existence of recombination cold and hot spots • Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization (FISH) can be used to visually map chromosome using fluorescent probes) o Complication is repetitive sequences, unspecific hybridization • RFLPs can be used as DNAmarkers for physical mapping, labeling one end makes simpler • Sequence tagged Sites (STS) can be used for high resolution mapping of large genomes (occurs only once) o EST (expressed sequence tags) Genome Sequencing (Chapter 4) • Workflow of genome sequencing project: DNAextraction, DNAfragmentation, Clone into vectors, Transform bacteria grow isolate vector DNA, sequence library, assemble fragments • Polyacrylamide gel used for DNAsequencing
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