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BIOL 3150

• Divergent direction of replication is an inherent problem in the synthesis of lagging strand which gives rist to DNAfragments (OKAZAKI FRAGMENTES)  due to antiparallel nature and 5’to3’of polymers o Parallel synthesis of leading and lagging strands requires looping of the lagging strand to accomdate DNApolymerase III enzymes (bacteria) o Because DNApol III lacks 5to3 exo activity, joining of Okazaki fragments on lagging strand requires DNApoly I and ligase o In eukaryotes the flap endonuclease FEN1 responsible for removal of primer is inhibited by 5’triphosphate  Flap model – DNApolymerase + helicase push aside the primer, FEN1 cuts at branch point, DNAligase links two DNAfragments o Bacteria contain terminator sequence opposite origin of replication bound by Tus proteins acting as barrier to bidirectional replication (can’t pass through one side) • Eukaryotic linear chromosome is progressively shortened after each round of DNA replication • Priming of Okazaki fragment at the extreme 3’end of lagging strand prevents replication of the end of the lagging strand (loss) o Ends of most eukaryotic chromosomes contain a series of short telomere repeats that are complementary to the sequence of RNAtemplate of telo
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