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Lecture 35

BIOL 4350 Lecture 35: Lecture 35

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Boston College
BIOL 4350
Rebecca Dunn

APRIL 19 PPT23 (1-10) LECTURE 35 Skipped what we were going to talk about Last test is Monday, May 1 Hemoglobin - Oxygen transport o Not sufficiently soluble in water o There is dissolved oxygen o Not enough for tissues and needs - Globins o Oxygen binding proteins o Not a single amino acid side chain capable of binding to oxygen o Need a protein with a bound heme group ▪ Some use copper o Many oxygens use a globin protein to bind and transfer it in the blood o Globins are used to study about ligand binding because oxygen acts as a ligand o Strictly alpha-helical* ▪ Depicted as cylinders o Myoglobin ▪ Storage protein ▪ Monomeric ▪ Stored in muscle ▪ Structure • Oxygen bound to the globins requires protein breathing* • There is not enough room within protein structure for oxygen to be diffused • You have to infer there is a conformational change in order for oxygen to bind o Matters because: anything is possible and there is always dynamic movement ▪ Binds to oxygen in a manner that is dependent on the concentration of oxygen • Depicted as partial oxygen pressure • Measured experimentally • Binding is dependent on the pressure ▪ Saturation • Amount that is bound to oxygen • Increase and then plateau at a partial pressure • Hemoglobin binds at a higher partial pressure than myoglobin o More of a sigmoidal shape • If myoglobin is a storage protein o Hemoglobin will be maximally bound when it leaves the lungs, when it gets into peripheral tissues the hemoglobin saturation will go down and the myoglobin will go up • P50 for hemoglobin is 26 torr o Quantitative Description [PL] k ▪ Not going to be tested on K = = a ▪ Remember* a • Kaassociation equilibrium complex [P]×[L] k • Higher the number, the stronger the interaction d ▪ 1/Ka=Kd APRIL 19 PPT23 (1-10) LECTURE 35 • measure of the affinity between 2 things • Kd gives you the concentration at which the ligand is 50% bound • If you know the Kd, you know the concentration at which it is half bound o Will tell you the relevant concentration for that thing o Hemoglobin ▪ Transfer oxygen from lungs to peripheral proteins ▪ Transfer protein • Affinity for oxygen needs to vary over a bigger range • You need for it to bind well to oxygen well and also let it go well • Unlike myoglobin, hemoglobin can release the oxygen when it gets to where it is going
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