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Lecture 8

BIOL 5060 Lecture 8: 2:6_RecombinantDNATech_Hoffman

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BIOL 5060

2/7_RecombinantDNATechnology_Hoffman 2/7/2017 2:11:00 PM Value of a Genomic Library • Library is a collection of clones • Different insert sizes per clone • Each represents a collection of clones that in total, represent the sequence of the genome cDNA libraries • Most come from fish and yeast but can insert human, frog, or mammalian cDNA and insert it into a fish and yeast expression vector Why cDNA? • ** Allows for expression of a gene from a foreign organism; allows for determination of the ORF • Final product will have… o 5’ un-translated region (UTR)—ORF—3’ UTR—AAAAA ▪ AAAAA= (poly A sequence that was in the RNA) o Allows for cloning in a vector that supplies a promoter that allows this gene to be expressed • The cDNA itself doesn’t contain a promoter region- need a vector • Need to make sure we clone it in the right direction (in the way the promoter is driving transcription) o Don’t want it backwards • How can we do this? Trick to directional cloning of cDNA… o 1) Start w mRNA poly dt oligote (TTTTTT) allows for poly- synthesis ▪ Along w poly dt, has and XhoI site ▪ TTTTT matches poly A tail (AAAAA) on mRNA o As long as the 3’ end base pairs we can polymerize; the 5’ end can be flapping in the wind (we don’t care) ▪ 5’ has XhoI—services second strand synthesis o 2) Reverse transcribe with dNTPs (methyl-dCTP) ▪ All C nucleotides methylated o 3) Second strand synthesis- also has methyl-dCTP ▪ All C nucleotides on second strand will be methylated ▪ Now a double stranded DNA o 4) Ligate on EcoRI linkers (linker= short double stranded DNA with restriction enzyme site) ▪ Get added to 5’ end o 5) Blunt end ligation- cut with EcoRI and XhoI ▪ these don’t cut fully methylated sites ▪ un-methylated linkers are cut leaving Sticky 5’ end ▪ XhoI is hemi (half)- methylated… why? We ordered it… it doesn’t have methyl groups on the C—wasn’t created by us; we bought it from scientist  Hemi-methylated DNA is still cut, fully methylated is not ▪ SO we do cute the XhoI site XhoI sticky end on the other side, too o 6) Insert gets ligated in a directional fashion ▪ with XhoI side distal from the promoter Plasmid Libraries= much more common Re-amplifying a plasmid library • Goal is to get a prep of DNA that has the same collection of clones as the original library (you want to avoid losing clones) • 1) need to know how many clones are present • 2) Generate 10x as many transformants o depending on probability—distribution ▪ outcome is yes/no o if we have 4x as much we lose 2% of clones, if we have 5x as much we lose .7% as much ▪ if we do 10x as much, almost every clone will be protected • 3) Plate for a subconfluent number of colonies per plate o Not a solid lawn of transformants o Some plasmids will reduce growth plate- we don’t want to select against them because they might represent genes we are interested in o You want a plate where colonies are easily distinguishable and you can see lighter areas of growth= space for slower growing colonies so they can catch up Screening Libraries Based on… • 1) Expression of a biologically active product- Functional Cloning • 2) Detection of a physical molecule (either a specific seq. of DNA [Hybridization] or a protein [immune detection, other metals- in vitro activity]) Functional Cloning (expression of a biologically active product) • 1) Complementation of a recessive mutation in a host organism o Mutant host, wild-type clone gene, detection= phenotypic shift from mutant to wild-type phenotype • 2) Multi-copy effect of a gene o Mutant host, wild-type clone gene (but not defective gene), again looking for (detection) mutant to wild type phenotype o Wild type host, wild type clone gene, detection: wild type to mutant phenotype
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