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Lecture 10

BIOL 5060 Lecture 10: 2:16_recombinantDNATech_Hoffman

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Boston College
BIOL 5060

2/16_RecombinantDNATechnology_Hoffman 2/16/2017 3:02:00 PM Real Life example- Gene 1 inside Gene 2 st • 1 thing we do= make sure we have a wild type gene • PCR amplify= 1 way to get to a purified reagent without having to go through a library (if we know the planking regions) • 80-mers • You could kind of see stuff but why did it come out pretty crappy? o Even though each even has a 99% accuracy, after doing it 80 times at a 99% accuracy rate, your product will not be very similar to your starting product o The 80-mer unpurified reagent is heterogeneous in terms of the 5’ end doesn’t effect PCR reaction but DOES effect the sequencing reaction o Error in the chemical efficiency of adding a nucleotide… only 99.3% of them get a nucleotide ▪ Failing to put a nucleotide changes the length of the whole thing ▪ Could have used a better oligote for this sequencing BLAST Query (what u start w.) Subject (what u find) • BLASTN Your DNA seq. DNA seq. in DNA database o Used for your sequence in the database…. Did you clone something that has already been sequenced? Is it related to something in the database? o Because of the complexity of DNA you need a good degree of alignment for the computer to think they’re related ▪ Better at finding things that are identical • BLASTX Your DNA seq. A protein in the protein database o Translate tool—your product depends on the DNA’s capacity to encode o Protein can be in the + reading frame (going left to right) or it can be going backwards (right to left) in the – reading frame ▪ ….6 possible reading frames +1, +2, +3 OR -1, -2, -3 ▪ Reading frames defined by triplets (codons) o What is the potential coding ability of your DNA sequence and how does that relate to the protein database? o Proteins are even more complex- there are 20 possible amino acids (residues) at each site (1/20 chance of two strands having the same AA vs. ¼ chance of 2 strands having same NT in DNA) ▪ Proteins can align much more distantly o Because proteins are more complex, its better at finding related sequences o Only works for coding region- it will jump over introns • BLASTP Your protein A protein in the database o Need to pay attention to the quality of the alignment • You get an E value= tells how likely this is to be significant o Based on the 1) degree of identity and similarity o 2) Length of the alignment o 3) Lower the E value the better the alignment- means its more improbable that it was just a random alignment o 4) 10 ^ -50 or less is thought as suggesting biochemical conservation—suggests protein is of a protein class ▪ shorter protein needs better conservation When you clone something and want to know what you have, you sequence (BLAST) can lead to hypothesis regarding the function of what you have… In Vitro Mutagenesis- a way of generating mutant alleles (altered sequences of DNA) to ask about the biological relevance • Can be used in… • 1) Forward Genetics- what mutat
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