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ORGANIZATION OF COURT PAPERSTHE BIG PICTURE Whenever you want something from the court, you write a letter to it. The letter has a specialized format, namely a caption at the top and particular spacing, etc., all according to the court rules. Letters to the court have special names. They are called complaints, actions, petitions, motions, briefs, points & authorities, proof of service, etc. The court also writes letters to the parties. Letters from the court are more flexible in format and are usually called notices, minute orders, rulings, orders, judgments, etc. Writing a letter to a court is always with a purpose. Why write the letter if you don't want to accomplish something? The first letter to the court is typically called a complaint, action, or petition. Later letters are usually called motions, appeals, requests. In an action at law all elements are present. In a complaint in equity, the facts and law are missing and are provided later. Typically, in a complaint in equity the actual facts are withheld and presented later in discovery, a deposition, or at trial. But ultimately, all elements must be present before a court can issue a judgment.
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