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CHEM 1105
Riley Mcminn

Chantz Delgado Chemistry & Society Extra CreditAssignment April 12 , 2012 Methane Gas Into Liquid Fuel According to researchers at the University of Washington and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, they have taken an important step in converting methane gas to a liquid, potentially making it more useful as a fuel and as a source for the formation of other chemicals. This is a success because of how much efficient and cleaner the appliance of methane is. It is the major constituent of natural gas and it is extremely copious. Methane is a healthier source than oil because it produces less pollution and it could serve as a sensible alternative for petroleum-based fuels until renewable fuels are extensively utilizable and accessible. Ahuge problem in the extraction of methane is not methane itself, but rather the transportation of it. Methane remains a gas at temperatures and pressures typical on the Earth’s surface.Accordingly, the scientists at UNC and UW are developing a way to alter methane to methanol or other liquids that can simply be transported. Methane is essential because of the value it contains due to its high-energy-carbon-hydrogen bonds, which entail of a carbon atom bound to four hydrogen atoms. Since the gas does not react as easily as other chemicals, the result is often a chemical that burns as fuel. The burning disrupts all four hydrogen-carbon bonds and produces carbon dioxide and water. Currently, to transfigure methane into beneficial chemicals requires high temperatures and a lot of energy. Catalysts that turn methane into other chemicals at lower temperature have been discovered. However, these methods have been proven to be awfully sluggish, overly ineff
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