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Counseling, Developmental, and Educational Psychology
APSY 1031
Francesca Longo

March 30, 2017 Race and Culture Defining race, ethnicity, culture - Race: predominantly a social construct, genetic make-up has little to do with race - Ethnicity: applied to social groups with shared history, identity, geographic location o Eg. You may see yourself as Caucasian, but ethnicity may be Italian American - Culture: define within your group and applied to your group o Eg. Large Italian Sunday dinners o Tied with ethnicity and race Beyond the Wall and 13 discussion - When you portray POC as criminals, that takes away resources and puts them on uneven playing fields - When you develop policies that are more likely to see POC behind bars, that breaks people instead of helps them o Dehumanizing effect for POC- easier to place blame on someone else o Creates scapegoats - Media portrays POC as criminals - Mass incarceration replacing slavery o Just because Civil War is over, too many systems in place for true justice to come about o Some must pay fees in prison for bedding or food o System is set up as bias to certain groups of people - When slavery was abolished, Virginia created 73 laws that were focused on black people creating crimes o Only 1 applied to the white population o Crimes were on the rise so people were getting scared and blaming people of color Ogbu (1992) - Core curriculum (in response to countries ahead in economics and tech) o Doesn’t address minority cultural diversity o Falsely assumes that higher standards and core curriculum means students will perform
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