APSY 1031 Lecture 8: 4-20_FSS_Longo

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Counseling, Developmental, and Educational Psychology
APSY 1031
Francesca Longo

Gender Differences; Sexuality; Gender Inequality Why do we care about gender when studying child development? - Society interacts with genders differently - Biological differences Sex Differences - Defined in literature - Differences in mental abilities and personality Girls Just Want to be Mean (Talbot) - Wiseman runs a non-profit organization called Empower Power that raises awareness for relational aggression, aims to liberate girls from hierarchical relationships - Girls also show aggressive behaviors during middle and high school o Different ways: girls are aggressive in less visible ways - Social expectations influence methods of showing aggression - Relational aggression: harming social status instead of physical aggression - Reasons for aggression o Some say relate to struggle for social power, Darwinian Drive o Girls are more conscious of cliques in school o Friendship used as a weapon (girls understand each other better so know how to harm, value intimacy more) - Wiseman introduces one method of communication but wasn’t successful o Feedback to her classes by students: corny and impractical o But able to raise awareness among adults When you think about gender stereotypes and roles what comes to mind? - Feminism - Personality differences, masculinity - Extension of these stereotypes lead into real life consequences (wage gap) - Stereotypes: pink vs blue Traditional stereotypes: - Personality: males are dominant and assertive, females are caring and warm - Physical: males are tall and strong, females are graceful and dainty - Occupation:
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