APSY 2032 Lecture 7: Feb 13_Psych of Learning_Perez

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Counseling, Developmental, and Educational Psychology
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APSY 2032

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Week 5 Working Memory: Central Executive • Inhibitory Control o Ability to ignore distracting information or suppress pre-potent “automatic” responses o Attending to relevant stimuli and ignoring irrelevant stimuli ▪ Key for successful everyday functioning and problem solving o Measure of inhibitory control  Stroop Task ▪ The faster you are on the stroop task, the better you are believed to inhibit pre-potent responses and direct your attention to relevant variables Consequences of Taxing Working Memory • A major tool for active rational thinking o When WM capacity is available, we are more likely to make rational decisions o When WM is taxed, we are more likely to make emotional decisions ▪ Case in point  the Stanford Study • Group 1: recall 2 digits o Chose healthy snack during the study • Group 2: recall 7 digits o Chose unhealthy snack during the study Factors that Influence What We Remember in WM • We tend to remember information presented at the beginning (primacy effect) and end (recency effect) best. Why? o Primacy effect ▪ As items begin to fill the working memory, we automatically start rehearsing them ▪ The starting items get to be rehearsed more than any other item, which explains primacy effects o Recency effect ▪ The last items on the list have spent the least time in our working memory  there wasn’t enough time to forget them • What does this suggest about the information we have in our long-term memory? Is it accurate? o Our
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