APSY 2216 Lecture 3: Jan 25_Research Methods and Analyses_Thomson

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Counseling, Developmental, and Educational Psychology
APSY 2216

REVIEW OF LAST CLASS - TYPES OF RESEARCH Quantitative Qualitative ● Numbers ● Words ● Specific research questions/hypotheses ● More open-ended/flexible research with objective and quantifiable measures questions, hypotheses, and measures ● Researchers aim for objectivity ● Researchers aim for transparency - identify ● Goal: to identify/quantify associations biases, etc. between variables in a way that is (more or ● Goal: to describe specific phenomena of less) generalizable interest to better understand situations and ● Can be descriptive experiences ○ Survey ● Always descriptive ● Can be associational ○ General qualitative - open-ended ○ Causal-comparative - compares two survey, interviews or more groups, often by comparing ○ Case study - looking at one averages particular person, family, etc., and ○ Correlational - looks at relationship analyzing a phenomenon that is between two or more quantitative happening within their lives variables, allows predictions ○ Ethnography - sociocultural ● Can be experimental perspective, trying to live the ○ Experimental (group-comparison) detailed lives of the people who are ○ Single-subject research experiencing the phenomenon that you are studying ○ Narrative research - research that is about the narrative arc of a person’s life, involves a lot of interviews and artifacts ○ Phenomenological research - looking in particular at one phenomenon, sample is people who experience that phenomenon (ex: What is it like to interact with the school system as an immigrant parent?) ○ Grounded theory - goal is to come up with a theory about a particular experience or phenomen
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