APSY 2216 Lecture 22: Apr 21_Research Methods and Analyses_Thomson

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Counseling, Developmental, and Educational Psychology
APSY 2216

ANNOUNCEMENTS ● Today - understanding data analyses and interpreting and presenting results, course wrap-up ● Presentations are next week ● Research proposals are due the following Wednesday - see Professor Thomson if you need an extension RESEARCH PRESENTATIONS AND PROPOSALS ● Begin presentation by providing context ● Pictures and visuals can be very powerful tools to use in the presentation ● Justify why your study is important - you can use existing literature ● List research questions and associated hypotheses ○ Hypotheses can be in words, but it makes more sense to have them written symbolically (M > M ) 1 2 ○ If a hypothesis is not appropriate, explain why ○ Use β in hypotheses for studies with two continuous variables (correlation coefficient), M in hypotheses for causal-comparative studies ● Sample slide - include sampling technique, sample size, and other relevant information ● Measures slide - describe how the variables are measured ○ If you have a grouping variable, describe how those groups were created ○ Note name of instrument, number of items, sample items, continuous vs. categorical ● Identify the research design ● Data analyses slide - important to include… ○ Descriptive statistics - mean, SD, and percentages to describe sample characteristics (ex: age) ○ Data analysis - answers research question (ex: comparison of means, scatterplot/regression line) ○ Significance testing - how confident can you be that the results are represe
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