APSY 2216 Lecture 16: Mar 22_Research Methods and Analyses_Thomson

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Boston College
Counseling, Developmental, and Educational Psychology
APSY 2216

ANNOUNCEMENTS ● Homework due Friday: survey assignment ● Guest speaker today: Kevin Ferreira, expert on qualitative research QUALITATIVE RESEARCH ● What comes to mind when you think of qualitative research? ○ Observing behavior ○ Conducting interviews ○ Open-ended survey questions ○ Describing a phenomenon ○ Case studies ○ Natural setting ○ Field notes, conversations, photographs, recordings, memos to the self ○ Establish patterns or themes ○ Use of interpretive/theoretical frameworks - theory guides your research and how you make sense of the data you collect ○ Reflexivity - critical reflection of oneself as a researcher and how you impact the data collection ● Epistemology - branch of philosophy concerned with the nature and scope of knowledge, how do we understand things? What is knowledge? How is knowledge acquired? To what extent is possible for a given subject or entity to be known? ● Theoretical frameworks in which we can think about how we understand knowledge ○ Positivism and postpositivism - one objective reality that can be reduced in a logical way ○ Social constructivism - multiple truths, it depends on your experience and where you come from ○ Transformative - concerned with power in social relationships ○ Pragmatism - truth is what works in that particular moment, focused on outcomes, what is the use of research? ○ Feminism ○ Critical theory ○ Critical race theory ○ Cultural studies model ○ Queer theory ○ Disability theory ○ Postcolonialism - comes from an angle of decolonizing what is understood as knowledge ● Methodological congruence - the fit between your theoretical framework and the approach you are taking ● Steps in qualitative research ○ Identification of a phenomenon/problem to be studied and approach, and generation of RQs ○ Identification of participants in the study (sampling) ○ Data collection ○ Data analysis ○ Interpretation/conclusions ○ Some
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