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Counseling, Developmental, and Educational Psychology
APSY 2240
Julia Whitcavitch- Devoy

Elsewhere Main ideas/topics/themes from Elsewhere: ● Mental Health: ○ OCD ■ Lack of diagnosis for mother ■ Treatment provided for daughter immediately ● Stigma differences ■ Genes ■ Epigenetics ○ Dementia ○ Affected other relationships ○ Stress and coping ● Caregiving ○ Family context ■ Single parent ■ Only child ○ Care receiving ■ Changing roles between parent and child ○ Stress within the family ● Moving ○ Desire for the American Dream ■ Escaping Gloverville for the city, better education, better job ○ The grass is always greener on the other side ■ When she was in Gloversville, she wanted to be elsewhere ■ When she was elsewhere, she wanted to return to Gloversville ■ When she was in Gloversville, her family was impossible to be with ■ When she was elsewhere, she wanted to return to family ○ He always had to include his mother’s needs in moving his own family ○ Geographical theorem? ■ Things will always be better elsewhere ● Stress ○ Family ○ Career ● Personality Differences ○ Big 5 ■ Richard: conscientiousness ○ Independence ■ Moving to college was a difficult challenge because his mom still went with him ■ Mom was constantly wanting independence but still calling Richard her “rock” and being funny dependent on him - financially, emotionally, etc. ● Family Dynamics ○ Independence vs. interdependence conflict ■ Richard needed to be needed ● He never let his mom go ● To the extent that it may have hurt his mother’s independence and his own family life ● Marriage ○ Intimacy ■ Hindered by having to live with Richard’s mom ● Sharing a trailer and having to whisper in their room so she
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