Neo-Analytic and Ego Aspects of Personality

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Counseling, Developmental, and Educational Psychology
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APSY 2240
Julia Whitcavitch- Devoy

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Neo­Analytic and Ego Aspects of Personality 02/04/2014 Carl Jung Psyche Ego: conscious Personal unconscious: the thoughts that aren’t currently part of awareness Includes threatening and unacceptable unconscious material Includes past and future material  Collective unconscious: something that is shared with the rest of humanity that connects us all Contains archetypes: universal emotional symbols (4) Persona: what is socially acceptable to show Shadow: what is socially unacceptable to show Hero: force for good Demon: force for evil Mother: fertility, generativity, maternal love Animus: masculine element contained within the feminine Anima: feminine element contained within the masculine Complex: A group of emotionally charged thoughts that relate to some theme Studied by Jung’s word
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