Behaviorist and Learning Aspects

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Counseling, Developmental, and Educational Psychology
APSY 2240
Julia Whitcavitch- Devoy

Classical Conditioning Ivan Pavlov Dog experiment; show dog food Unconditioned stimulus: food Unconditioned response: saliva Conditioned stimulus: bell Conditioned response: saliva Generalization: presenting a similar stimulus to the conditioned stimulus to get a similar response Discrimination: learning to tell the difference between certain stimuli and then responding to the correct stimuli Extinction: when the pairing of conditioned and unconditioned stimulus stops Classical conditioning to explain: Phobias Superstition Origins Watson Founder of behaviorism Applied conditioning principles to humans BabyAlbert experiment Unconditioned stimulus: loud noise Unconditioned response: crying Conditioned stimulus: rat with loud noise Conditioned response: crying BF Skinner Personality is a group of responses to the environment We are born blank slates Environment is the sum of who we are Behavior is only changed by environmental consequences Reinforcers:
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