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COMPLETE Survey of Mass Communication Notes - Part 3 (got a 90% in the course)

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9/12/13 Lecture 3 • Technological Determinism today: violent video games are ruining/corrupting our minds o Television is ruining childhood and causing ADD o Modern to Postmodernism • Looking at last 300-500 years • Modernization/Modernism/Modernity: o Process and historical forces that change the world – modernization o Ways in which process of modernization is expressed, usually through art, architecture, etc....very aesthetic -modernism o Experience in living in and among the modern era – modernity • Period of modernization intersects with enlightenment and romantic era o Machines started becoming part of western civilization during industrial revolution • Modernity/modernism/modernization was reorganization o Reflected in architecture and art  Produces a style that is less ornate  function over style • Postmodern = after WWII, 1970s o When modernization/modernism has saturated everything and become the norm  Postmodern = when modernity is so everyday, we can’t say it is modern… it is normal now • Playing with form again o Art and architecture changes again  About playing with ideas and concepts, putting them all together • Andy Warhol paintings • Pastiche = tongue in cheek imitation or tribute used in literature, art, music, movies, etc. o Pee-Wee’s playhouse  Distorted reality • Taking cultural icons/symbols and jumbling them all together o Freedom of symbols • Postmodern sublime o Theorists were saying that the way which culture is now organized in the postmodern era, it’s harder to know who you are in the community around you and understand your place in the world since meaning in symbols/way of life is uprooted  Good thing: freed people to define for themselves their identity  Bad thing: terrifying, wanted stability • Modern to postmodern was also like a narrative o Victorian era glorified the future  The train = “The Spirit of Progress”  Chicago’s World’s Fair = “A Country of Progress” o Thought that human life will become easier, civilized world is about modernity and progress 
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