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COMPLETE Survey of Mass Communication Notes - Part 15 (got a 90% in the course)

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10/29/13 Lecture 15 From Remote Controls to Role Models – Identification, Identity, and Ideologies What is ‘identity’? • The fact of being who or what a person or thing is • The condition of being the same with something described or asserted • The aspect of the self that is accessible and salient in a particular context and that interacts with that environment • Essentialist view o Identity = singular, stable essence of ‘self’ o Categories of identity are natural, necessary, and universal  Different race skulls, women suffrage • Anti-essentialist/Social constructivist view o Identity = unstable and temporary effect of relations that define identities by marking differences o Recognizes there are differences between people…  But which differences become important and visible, where the lines are drawn, and meanings of each category are socially constructed Mediated Identities • ‘Mass media’ gives us some of the raw materials and symbolic language we use to construct/perform our identity o “Cultural identity” in relation to social groups o “Market identity” as consumer and commodity • Representation is not a matter
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