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Earth & Environmental Sciences
EESC 1158
Donald James

Alaska Wild Salmon Fisheries i. Wild born = born in gravel beds/rivers ii. Wild caught = refers to adult fish caught in wild, estuaries, rivers, and the ocean a. Commercial harvest is getting wild fish (cant tell difference between hatchery and wild when catching in wild) iii. This fisherie is hugely important culturally iv. Salmon used to be the most important protein source for these people v. The harvest of salmon is intimately linked with northern pacific peoples vi. Only example of sustainable fisherie in the world (coastalAlaska economy) Alaska salmon fishery timeline i. Managed as statehood by US federal government ii. Fewer jurisdictions iii. No in stream obstructions to migration, weekly closed periods, protected spawning grounds iv. White Act: (passed by congress) ▯ established closed seasons and requires 50% escapement, protected spawning grounds v. Pre WWII ▯ Japanese fishing was significant vi. Post WWII▯ huge increases in catches due to increased technology vii. Limited EntryAct: limits liscenses and types viii. UN Resolution 46 bans large scale drift nets ix. Alaska Salmon fishery lessons Generally considered the only sustainably managed commercial harvest of non- farmed salmon i. Fixed escapement carefully managed (day by day) by state biologists ii. Short fishing season (days per year) iii. Less land-use change that in the Lower 48 1. Few dams, few roads, less forestry iv. International regulations minimize overfishing offshore 1. Conflict remains in managing harvest off ofAK of salmon that spawn inAK, BC, WA, OR and CA v. Largest wild salmon harvest in NorthAmerica 1. AK: 80% 2. Canada: 15% 3. OR, WA, CA: 5% x. Salmon management activities Divided up by region so that they can know how many boats there are, control harvest, etc. xi. Value of Alaska salmon Is very high. It is a high-value fishery. 2013 was highest number of fish ever caught in the fishery (see fish). xii. Montgomery (2003, chapter 11): ideas for recovery We don’t have to make decision to have human civilization be incompatible with salmon.
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