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Earth & Environmental Sciences
EESC 1158
Donald James

Types of Dams/Resevoirs i. Run of the river ii. Flood detention iii. Multipurpose storage Conservation of water in a reservoir i. Input = output + change in storage ii. Q in = Q out + Change in Storage iii. Q in is discharge into the river iv. Q out is discharge out of the reservoir v. Change in storage = change in the volume of water in the reservoir per time o Evaporation (small over short timescales) o Dam management Run Of The River Dam (Most common) Dam vi. Flood Detention Reservoir vii. viii. Just like run of river ix. Change in storage is zero o During floods▯ extra storage space where water can be kept o Water can easily be captured in the reservoir o Mitigates the effects of flooding down stream o Idea: detain water in watershed… o Q in > Q out (During flood) delta storage greater than zero o Q in < Q out (Post Flood)… reducing amount of water in the reservoir o Empty until filled with flood water Multi Purpose Storage Res
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